In Gorgona Antiques we guarantee the authenticity of our sculptures, furniture,  objects amd engravings that  we have in our showroom and website.

Due to the proliferation of copies, reeditions, reacastings and fakes on the market, we carry out an analysis and a thorough examination of every piece that comes to us. We analize the style, age, conditions and possible restorations that have suffered each piece. Just put the on sale figures and original objects. In the case of furniture we indicate the  style and the approximate date that were made, as many styles of XVIII were reediteed in 19th and early 20th.

If we find that any of our lots is a fake, simply withdraw from the sale.


All our lamps have been electrified so they can operate safely today. Sometimes, we maintain the switch and plug if they are in good condition.


Clocks we offer have been reviewed and tested to ensure its operation. What we can not guarantee is the time that will last without repair because their machines having more than 80 years old and long since ceased to be under warranty ago.